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Fly Fishing Lesson at Dovecote Ranch!

Dovecote Ranch featuring the Thompson Vineyard is the location for fly fishing Lessons to help the beginner or expert gain confidence in this sport. One of our trained instructors will teach you the intricacies of this facinating sport for either expert or beginner levels.

Lessons are given in one of our pasture areas right next to a beautiful bass pond that you will be able to fish duirng the lesson. For the complete beginner, a casting lesson on the grass to learn the appropriete skills is neccesary prior to fishing the pond. 

Included as a part of the lesson, you gain access to a beautifull ranch and be able to enjoy what it has to offer.  Spacious ranch scenery and off road vehicle tours of the legendary vineyard is part of this experience.

You will also be given help to pick out the appropriete fly fishing gear that you will need to continue on with the sport and even help with picking out your next fishing trip around the world.

All lessons are custom to your age and skill level and all levels are welcome.


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Bill Braun

Your training and teaching skills are truly unique. You taught me the skills it takes to cast in a manner that big or small, no fish is safe again. Your graduated system is truly amazing. There is a saying that "you have to crawl before you walk" and I am telling you, your "cradle to trophy" approach works. Starting with the little fish you build confidence that with accurate casting, it is possible to actually catch the "uncatchable." Though even too small to serve a bait, you enabled me to bring in the little ones. Once, learned you graduated me up to the "keepalbe ones" and all over a mere 3 years of once-a-year lessons with little to no practice between visits. All joking aside, you really are a great teacher - patient, encouraging and most of all skilled. Thanks for making my experience one I will repeat again and recommend to anyone. If you don't think you can fly fish; think again. Jason can get you doing it, and doing it right.
See you next year, if not sooner.
-- Bill"

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