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El Pescador Belize

At El Pescador you can achieve the anglers' ultimate dream! - a Grand Slam of bonefish, tarpon and permit. Belize's shallow water contains the only classic tarpon flats outside South Florida. Belize flats are world renowned for offering the opportunity to site cast to tarpon 12 months a year.

You can cast the lagoons for lady fish or snook, go outside the reef into the deep water for tuna and wahoo. Troll the reef for king fish or barracuda. Jig the bottom for snapper and grouper. The choice is yours!!!

This resort also offers many other activities that the whole family can enjoy from scuba diving, kayaking, and many other eco adventure to take advantage of. Belize lies on the Caribbean coast of Central America between Guatemala and Mexico. Its 17,000 square miles include dense tropical jungles, a coastline of mangrove swamp, a mountain range with peaks over 3,500 feet and 266 square miles of off shore cayes surrounded by coral reefs. Fabulous diving is found everywhere on the barrier reef which stretches the entire length of the coast, some 175 miles. In addition, three atolls provide another 180 miles of living reef.

Belize Bonefish
The bonefish grounds are only minutes from the lodge. Most of the fly fishing for bonefish is done from the bow of the boat, but there are flats that can be waded as well. The bonefish run from 2 - 5 lbs and are plentiful.

Tarpon in Belize
The El Pescador fishery has year round resident tarpon over 100 lbs. The fish are spread out over our 250 square mile fishery. In the late summer (July, August, September), we have the added bonus of a large migratory population, which doubles our tarpon numbers. Moon phases tend to effect tarpon more than other species. The guideline is to fish around the new moon. Remember, this is only a guideline, not a hard and fast rule. We land fish during full moon weeks all the time!

Belize Permit
Permit are found on the bonefish flats, and on many of the tarpon flats as well. Permit are found in large schools and range from 4 - 30 lbs, with the majority running about 8 - 10 lbs. Jack crevalle, barracuda, cobia and snook are also found on the flats and in the surrounding mangrove lagoons.

Monthly fishing reports -
Here is the fishing report according to each Month in El Pescadore. The fishing in Belize is offered year round with great opportunities every month.

On calm days you should see as many as 50-75 tarpon, 20-90 pound range. Generally bone and tarpon fishing are good; reef fishing good to excellent on calm days.
Fish are plentiful on the flats if the wind isn't too strong. Tarpon in the 20-90 pound range. Bones, Permit and tarpon fishing are good, but weather-dependent. Reef fishing is excellent.
Plenty of 20-90 pound tarpon on the calmer days. Plenty of bonefish. Tarpon in lagoons. Reef fishing good to excellent. Permit schooled up in good numbers.
Lots of tarpon, 40-100 pounds, and they are more aggressive. Migrating tarpon start coming onto the reef. It's a good month for permit too. Usually large schools of small permit, and plenty of bones. Reef fishing excellent.
Generally our hottest month, with calm-to-light breezes. It's not uncommon to see huge schools of 200-300 bones. Tarpon on both flats and the reef. Reef fishing is good to excellent.
Bone fishing is excellent as it always is from April through October. Tarpon on both the flats and reef. Reef fishing good to excellent.
July, August, and September
Usually calm and warm. Great fishing. Lots of bones, lots of tarpon to well over 100 pounds. We consider this the best tarpon season of the year. The most and the largest tarpon have been caught in August and September. We also find some of the largest permit of the year during tarpon migration.
Lots of tarpon, large and aggressive. Bones are larger and more aggressive too. Big schools of jack crevelle are also on the flats now and it is a good month for the larger permit. Reef fishing fair to good. If there is a lot of rainfall on the mainland, snook arrive on the flats in large numbers. The lodge record for the most tarpon landed in a single day was had in October by Dick Smith with 7 tarpon landed and another 5 jumped.
There are plenty of 60-100 pound tarpon on the flats. Jack crevelle and bone fishing are also good. Reef fishing good to excellent.
If the sun stays out there are plenty of barracuda, bones, and tarpon (40-80 pounds) on the flats. Jacks and ladyfish too. Full moon brings grouper and snappers to the reef to spawn. Reef fishing good to excellent.

2014 Fishing Package Rates-

                                   One Per       Two Per      Two Per      One Per
                                   Boat             Boat            Boat            Boat
                    #             One Per       One Per      Two Per      Two Per
Nights - Fishing days  Room          Room          Room          Room
3                     2          $2,480        $2,000        $1,775        $2,255
4                     3          $3,290        $2,570        $2,270        $2,990
5                     4          $4,100        $3,140        $2,765        $3,725
6                     5          $4,910        $3,710        $3,260        $4,460
7                     6          $5,720        $4,280        $3,755        $5,195
8                     7          $6,530        $4,850        $4,250        $5,930
9                     8          $7,340        $5,420        $4,745        $6,665
10                   9          $8,030        $5,870        $5,140        $7,300
11                   10        $8,720        $6,320        $5,535        $7,935
12                   11        $9,410        $6,770        $5,930        $8,570
13                   12        $10,100      $7,220        $6,325        $9,205
14                   13        $10,790      $7,670        $6,220        $9,840
Extra night/day of fishing add (under 10):    $810    $570    $495    $735
Extra night/day of fishing add (10 and over):    $710    $470    $395    $635

Break Water Tours can customize your package to your needs.  I can add a free day in between your fishing days for some time to relax.  Many of my clients enjoy fishing the first 2 days, then having a free day before fishing another day or 2.  So it would be a total of 6 nights with 4 fishing days. 

Just let me know what sounds good to you and I will design your vacation.


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Max C - 11 years old

"Jason has been my role model for a couple of years now by inspiring me in the sport of bass fishing. It has opened up so many different doors for me to explore. On our first trip I didnít know anything about fishing and a couple of trips later I was hooked onto the sport and started doing many different things with bass fishing such as fly fishing whenever I can and practicing my skills . I look forward to many years to come to be filled with fishing with Jason and many learning experiences."

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