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Amazon River Peacock Bass Fishing!

Let Break Water Tours help you plan your trip to one of the most amazing places to fish in the world.  We have joined forces with the best operation there, and guide you step by step on how to take this life changing trip.

Imagine the possibilities when you combine one of the greatest fishing outfitters in the world with the greatest freshwater sports fishery on the planet. You have just described "Anglers Inn Amazon."  The brainchild Billy Chapman was recentley inducted to the National Fresh Water Hall of Fame for the many trails he has blazed into the heart of the untapped territories that most fisherman only dream about.

You owe it to yourself to take this trip!



$5,250 based on double occupancy (Includes rods, reels and Anglers Inn Amazon Bass Pro Tackle package)


$5,550 based on double occupancy (Includes rods, reels and Anglers Inn Amazon Bass Pro Tackle package)

The Anglers Inn Floating Mobile Suites move like a water train beyond natural barriers to pristine, exclusive Indian reserves to guarantee the Anglers Inn style of personal service, the groups will be limited to 8 anglers. It is truly, peacock bass fishing at its best and it’s where the competition can’t go! The entire operation moves every other day during the trip keeping their anglers in new water and reducing the boat ride to the hot fisheries or back to your floating suite for lunch and an air-conditioned siesta.

Boats: Narrow 20’ all-welded aluminum, shallow-draft boats with two casting decks that can easily negotiate the entry to secluded lagoons allowing you the opportunity to fish these pristine and produce peacock bass ponds.

Guides: Experienced local natives (10 years +) who know the waters and communicate fairly well with respect to fishing. In keeping with “The Anglers Inn Way”, all guides have been personally trained by Billy Chapman.


Depart for Brazil arriving Manaus (capital of Amazon State) on the same day. The group will be met by an Anglers Inn English-speaking host and transferred to the Tropical Hotel (double occupancy accommodations) for overnight.


All guests will have an automatically scheduled 5:00 a.m. wake-up call followed by a buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant. You will be transported from the hotel to the charter to fly to the Anglers Inn Floating Mobile Suites®.  The airplane is Cessna Caravan turboprop wheel based and/or floatplane. Depending on the Floating Mobile Suites location, the size of the tributary and logistics you may go in by floatplane or fixed wheel to a landing strip where you will be shuttled to your location by Express boat. After getting settled in you can go fishing for a few hours if time permits or simply recoup from your journey!  The fishing days end at sunset. Every evening there will be an open bar cocktail period with appetizers served by Anglers Inn Staff followed by dinner with daily entrees, courses, and specials followed by dessert. There is premium brand liquor and selected red/white wines.

DAY 3 to 8 – MONDAY to FRIDAY:

Wake-up call and first cup of coffee will be at 5:15 am; breakfast will be served at 5:30 am followed departure from your Suites back porch at dawn. Because our mobility keeps you on good fishing close your floating mobil suite you are only 5 -15 minutes away at any given time. The Anglers Inn Way is to fish early and late with plenty of mid-day time to rest and recoup. With 28 years of outfitting experience, Billy Chapman, has developed this plan to maximize prime fishing time on your Amazon adventure without beating you up physically. We recommend that you return to your suite for a hot lunch, cool shower and a short siesta. Billy has found over the year this is the answer to keeping anglers refreshed and increasing the quality of their adventure. For those who want the all-day experience box lunches, extra drinks, ice, batteries and supplies are gladly prepared.


Return to Manaus by charter flight and connect with your departure flight to Miami.

In closing:   This trip is the real deal. It gives remote, exclusive fisheries, state of the art facilities, excellent cuisine, service with style and fun relaxation beyond your imagination. Bring your wife or friend along and be prepared for the fishing trip of your lifetime.

Please contact Break Water Tours for reservations or further details for this exclusive trip. We will take care of all the details.


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